Beginners guide to skateboarding

beginners guide to skateboarding

Skateboarding is delightful only if done in a proper way. Otherwise, it can lead to serious injuries. Keeping this in mind here some of the important points have been highlighted. These points are a Beginners guide to skateboarding. So scroll down to learn more about skateboarding.

Pick the right skateboard

The first thing that you need to figure out is which type of skateboard is best suited for you. You need to check whether the goofy or regular footed skateboard will be a good option for you. This is quite a personal matter as the choice depends on the individual and whether he or she keeps the right foot or left foot forward.

Buy the right pair of skate shoes

Once you have bought your skateboard then it is time to purchase a pair of good skate shoes. You must remember that skating in regular shoes is possible yet you are advised to avoid it as sometimes it may be dangerous and can lead to mishaps. The property of skate shoes is that these are designed with a large flat bottom that offers better grip and has other features such as reinforcement in areas.

Opt for Protective Wears

The beginners guide to skateboarding also stresses on the importance of choosing protective wears for skateboarding. Some skaters do ignore this point and do the skateboarding without wearing helmets. This is not a smart move and must be avoided at any cost. You can buy protective wears available in the market for skating such as helmets, protective pads, wrist braces, elbow pads, etc. as it will ensure your safety in case of falling.

Learn how to stand on a Skateboard

The first and foremost thing as a beginner you must do is to learn how to stand on a skateboard. This will make you confident and you will get to learn how to stand comfortably on a skateboard. This will also reduce the chances of falling in the future when you will be doing stunts on skateboards.

You can do it easily by setting the skateboard on the grass or the carpet of your living room. Now, try to stand on it or even jump on it. Make sure you balance the front or back wheels only. This way you will get to feel the size of the skateboard. Also, make sure you try to stand on the board with both feet of yours placed into different positions, but put your best foot forward for better results.


As of now, you must have learned the points of beginners guide of skateboarding. However, it is important for you to start the skateboarding under the guidance of an elder and start doing stunts only when you get comfortable with the skateboard.